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Though she hasn’t put out anything since 2015, Portland’s Corrina Repp is an artist we at Conduit want you to know about. A longtime fixture of Portland’s vast indie scene, it's only natural that her music is the perfect accompaniment to rainy days and the introspection those dark, wet skies tend to conjure.

Hers are songs about love found and lost, broken relationships, quiet spaces and other fragments of the human experience, set to the subtle taps, scrapes, whirs and twitches of minimalist electronics, acoustic guitars and her rich, warmcool voice in your ear, sultry in its smoky intensity. The kind of voice that’ll hush and captivate an audience.

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I first heard of Corrina Repp when reading about her 2004 album, It’s Only the Future. Apparently, the album’s producer and co-creator, Keith Schreiner, would set the mix controls and then sketch random illustrations as he listened to Repp put her haunting sound to tape.

It’s a perfect description for the silent, almost-meditative space her music creates. And happy or sad, rain or shine, it’s a space to which I periodically return, seeking comfort and solace in Corrina Repp’s dusky blue and lovely world.