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Belfast native David Holmes is one of those artists that you've probably heard without realizing it. He’s best known for his soundtrack work for the Steven Soderbergh films Out of Sight and Oceans Eleven through Thirteen. He’s also composed and created music for several UK feature films and TV shows (including his own films, Good Vibrations and I Am Here, and the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

In addition, he’s released 10 or so albums of original music in a wide range of styles, a recent and highly offbeat volume for the Late Night Tales series, and an epic mixtape — Vertigo: Mix Masterpiece. From 1995’s This Film’s Crap Let’s Scratch the Seats to 2015’s Guilty of Love, all of Holmes’ output deserves — if not outright demands — your attention.

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For us, the thing that separates David Holmes from other producer/DJ’s is the sense of timelessness so innate in his sound. This is especially apparent on Come Get It, I Got It and David Holmes Presents the Free Association, two records of deeply funky and supremely soulful music. Some of it’s older recordings remixed and refreshed; some of it’s brand new tracks that sound like they were made in the 70’s. Same goes for his latest project, Unloved — “raw 60’s pop-noir psychedelia with a contemporary and edgy twist.”

We listen to David Holmes and ask ourselves, “was this recorded yesterday or 40 years ago?” The answer we always get in return: “who cares? It sounds great, right here, right now.”

Listen to David Holmes’ truly “Essential” mix:

WATCH “Guilty of Love” by Unloved: