#bucketoflists — The Short Form: 5 EP's

In the world of music, the end of the year means one thing: lists! In an (admittedly futile) effort to acknowledge the great music that came my way this year, I’ve pulled together five such lists (so far).

The first addition to the 2018 Bucket (of) List(s) is The Short Form: five EP’s (generally speaking, a release containing no more than five tracks and coming in at around 30 minutes or less) that stood out in 2018. Yes, they’re short, but oh, so sweet.

(Note that all lists are in alphabetical order. It’s hard enough to narrow it down to the final items. To then rank them is overkill (though some might say that I blew past that point a long time ago). The way I see it, whichever one I’m listening to in any given moment is the best.)

Matteo Boyero with Tim Wall, Nick Onley and Robert Goldsmith — Morning Cartoon (Wahever)

Schegg — Better Change Your Mind (Schegg)

tmpl — Devius Edits EP (Casa Caos)

Vagz — Katakana Edits Vol. 57 (Katakana Edits)

Various — Yemanjo Presents Vintage African Edits Vol. 1 (Konn Recordings)

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