Colorado Joyride: The 2018 DOJO4 Songbook

I’m excited to present to you Colorado Joyride, the 3rd annual DOJO4 Songbook. Three years starts to feel like a tradition, and it’s one I’m proud to be part of.

I’ve been dojo4’s Resident DJ for a little over three years, and half the time I still don’t know what the hell they’re talking about around here (it’s all Geek to me).

While I don’t know anything about building software, I do know something about dedication, and day in, day out, I see a committed group of people believing in each other as they build something they believe in, together. It’s not just for their clients or themselves, either; it’s for families and friends, for community in its many forms; an intentional contribution to a better world.

Being around that energy and attitude all the time is bound to rub off on you. This mixtape is an expression of how dojo4 feels to me; of the energy and sensibility it radiates.

I may not speak Geek, but I’m quite sure the love and care that went into putting this music together for you is the same love and care that goes into the work dojo4 does for you. We have a good time doing it, and don’t take ourselves too seriously — but we’re damn serious about it. I hope that shines through to you.

“May you live in interesting times.” Surely, we do. Fortunately, we have a community with which to celebrate (and commiserate), share and support, dream and dance. May this music bring you comfort (and catharsis) in the New Year and beyond.