#funkyfriday — Lee Fields & The Expressions / "Make the World"

Lee Fields is kind of a “forever man.” He released the first of several popular soul singles in 1969 and earned positive comparisons to James Brown. However, where Brown’s musical output slowed greatly late in his career, Fields keeps on going.

Over the course of his 47 years (and counting) in the music biz, the North Carolina native has released over 70 single, EPs and albums for 13 different record labels, and has performed around the world.

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“Make the World” comes from Fields’ latest release, Special Night (out on Big Crown). The track is a driving, dancefloor-friendly call for unity, delivered on The One. Like David Holmes’ (this week’s featured #6tags artist), Fields’ music is unlocked from time (while being totally on time, of course). No matter the year, no matter the moment, it’s the sound of right now.

“We can make the world better / If we come together.” Word.