#funkyfriday — Oluko Imo / "Imo (Sibu & Joe Nagall edit)"

Earlier this year, a producer going by the name of Sibu came on our radar. We don’t know much about Sibu, other than that they’re based in Athens, Greece*, and often team up with an even more mysterious fellow, Joe Nagall. Together, they’re now up to seven digital EP’s worth of consistently funky edits of artists mostly hailing from Africa and Latin America.

All we know about Oluko Imo is that he’s from Trinidad and was born into a musical family. African music was a major influence on him and, with his Black Truth Rhythm Band, created some Afro-Caribbean rhythms that were a big hit on the local scene. In the late ’80’s, he went on to record with Fela Kuti.

[Artists like Sibu, Oluko Imo — and, of course, Fela — can all be heard on Conduit's TerraSonic channel. They wouldn't sound out of place on our GYSHIDO or SoulTerrain channels either.]

One thing we do know is that Sibu & Joe Nagall’s edit of Oluko Imo’s track, “Imo,” has an irresistible groove, the perfect wave to ride into your weekend.

Enjoy the song, and your weekend, and we’ll see you on #musicmonday.

*(There must be something in the ouzo over there, because some of our favorite remixers, such as Panama Cardoon and AkizzBeatzz, also hail from Athens.)