#funkyfriday — Schegg / "Zebra"

Schegg is a Munich-based artist/producer trafficking primarily in House/Disco/Deephouse/Techno music. His name is an acronym for:

"S"caled "C"hord "H"armony & "E"lectronic "G"roove "G"rounds

His sound is more warm, soulful and textured than your typical house music, setting it apart from the rest of the genre. But what really drew us to him is a little 3-tracker he released in December 2017 called Secret Safari.

Just as Schegg’s deep house excursions are unique to the genre, Secret Safari is a decidedly different vibe than the rest of this catalog. The EP is a “journey, where you will experience the sound of africa, nature and traditional music mixed with a danceable flow, drums and rhythm.” It’s a seriously deep, dank set of afrobeat-rooted goodness that will get the bodies on the dancefloor bumping. (It’s true; I’ve witnessed it firsthand.) Start with “Zebra” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I love when artists make a clear, concerted effort to expand their oeuvre and take their music in exciting, fresh directions. After all, that’s what artists are supposed to do. Schegg deserves recognition for not just trying something new, but for succeeding so triumphantly. Whichever direction he chooses next, we’ll be following.