#funkyfriday — VAGZ / "Umba"

Our featured track is another sound bomb from yet another mysterious and way dope producer operating out of Athens, Greece.

I heard about VAGZ from a remix he recently did for Streamer — another cool and prolific producer, based in Amsterdam. Further digging through VAGZ' Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp reveal very few nuggets to color things in. He’s putting out “bootlegs for now, originals to come.” He’s part of Milk and Chocolate, an internet radio station whose information is mostly in Greek but which so far sounds pretty nice. And that’s about it.

While info may be scant, his edits and remixes are fairly plentiful and fully funky, with a dozen tracks posted to his Soundcloud in the last three months. Among them is Katakana Edits Vol. 57, a 5-track EP put out on the Katakana label, another low info, high output mystery music machine which may (or may not) be located in Scituate, Rhode Island.

Every track on the EP is golden wax, thumping and grinding in that way we all know deep down. We went with “Umba,” a hot, humid update of the Jorge Ben tropicalia classic, “Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)”. É fantástico!

FYI, VAGZ did Vol. 48 in the Katakana series as well. Check it out if you can ever get #57 out of your rotation (we’ve been having a hard time with that).

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