Last Night In Temple Terrace (1 of 2)

I made this mix six years ago. My dad had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was in the hospital in Tampa to have a kidney removed. It took awhile to get him out of there and the whole family was feeling pretty cooped up and frustrated with the experience.

On the night before he was, at last, discharged, I got back to the hotel and, feeling an emotional mix of relief and excitement, quickly put this mix together. It’s made up mostly of tracks I had recently added to my collection, and I thought the whole thing fell into place quite nicely. The title refers to the area in Tampa where the hospital and my hotel were located.

This mix contains sounds by Wax Tailor, Diplo, Beth Orton, Flying Lotus, JJ Doom and more. It’s been one of my more popular mixes among friends, and I think it holds up pretty well. What do you think?

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