#musicmonday — Camping / "Agitated"

I finally got around to updating my operating system this weekend, and in the process stumbled upon a folder of music that I saved from an older computer. Nearly 1000 tracks that I had forgotten about. This surprise unearthing led me, of course, to an hour-ish long detour from whatever else I was doing at the time, as I began rediscovering a trove of great music.

That brings us to today’s track, "Agitated,” by a Washington, DC-based band working in the early ’00’s under the name Camping. The trio is Stephen Gardner and Ben Bailes, from an indie band called Chessie, and frontman Henning Fritzenwalder, German by birth and living in DC. On Suburban Shore, Camping’s style and approach are straightforward enough: they play a relaxed bossa nova style, with touches of electronics, strings and horns, and Fritzenwalder’s vocals — in German. Yes, it’s indie German bossa nova.

Suburban Shore came out in 2004 but, like all good bossa (and good music, in general), it aces the test of time. The warmth of the bossa nova vibe is balanced perfectly by the indie atmospherics to create a ghostly tropical vibe. Quiet rainy days, cool evenings, humid late nights — that’s what I’m talking about.

There is very little info available about Camping. Spotify reveals that they put out an eponymous record last year, their first release since 2008, and that’s about it. (We found the header for this blog post on an abandoned MySpace page.) But though the band may be no more (or in hiding, or just terribly publicized), their music lives on, even if only in forgotten folders on dusty hard drives. Proof, yet again, that the only thing new is you finding out about it.

What do you think?

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