#musicmonday — Natural FUNKSOUL Expo (or, How I Filled in for Moby on a Remote DJ Gig)

I'm down in Denver a couple of Friday nights ago when I get a message from my buddy Dave, who's in Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo. It turns out our mutual friend Maranda, publisher of Thrive magazine (and Origin and Mantra too) was throwing a big client party Saturday night and her DJ fell through last minute.

I'm intrigued. Maranda's a friend and needs some help. Putting music together is what I do. Seems like a win-win.

(Maranda may be wise beyond her years, but she is anything but old.)

Let's do this.

Fast forward to Saturday evening. I'm Neflixin' and chillin' with my wife and the cats. And, according to a semi-steady drizzle of texts from Dave, I'm also crushing my biggest gig to date: a 700-guest party on the rooftop of some boutique hotel in Anaheim.

Maranda seems pleased.

It's a weird feeling "playing" a party from 1500 miles away (in my pajamas, watching a movie). But knowing that people got down to the mix smooths that right over. I've got that afterpartyglow, almost like I was there. That kind of feeling you get when you know you were part of something special. The kind of feeling that's amplified when you get this the next day:

Well, allrighty then.

Here, in three parts, is that set from the Thrive party. People there seemed to like it. I hope you do too. (And if you ever need someone to rock your party, in person or remotely, hit me up.

Part 1: (feat. Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder , The Brothers Johnson, David Holmes, Dawn Penn and more)

Part 2: (feat. Afrolicious, Chaka Khan, Talking Heads, Etta James, Lauryn Hill, J Dilla, more)

Part 3: (feat. Aretha Franklin, Zemerald, Public Enemy, Budos Band, La Mecanica Popular, Ancient Astronauts, Khruangbin and others)