#musicmonday — Pouvoir Magique / "Eclipse"

We're filing today’s #musicmonday post from a riverside campsite on BLM land, somewhere in Wyoming. We’ve been here since Friday, settling in for today’s total solar eclipse, due to start in a little over an hour.

Pouvoir Magique are among the founding members of Mawimbi, an afro-enthusiast DJ crew and label based out of Paris. Obsessed with voodoo ceremonies and ancient shaman rituals, the duo draws primarily from African musical patterns and modern electronic music to make their own intricate melodies and percussion-heavy grooves.

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“Eclipse” (what else?), comes from Pouvoir Magique’s 2016 EP of the same name (it’s also the hidden bonus track included with their new album, Disparition). Its tribal, action-sequence feel builds to a cinematic climax — great soundtrack music for, say, watching an eclipse, or reaching dance floor ascendance, just before the big drop.

Now, we're going to step outside, don our eclipse glasses, and gaze at the sun.