#musicmonday — Srikala / "Already Here"

“Everything you want is already here.”

Sometimes, that’s exactly the kind of message we need to hear, especially on a Monday (and, particularly, this Monday). “Already Here” is the latest track from Srikala, a Brooklyn native now pursuing his muse in a big way out west in LA.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Srikala for several years. Since I first met him (and long before that), he’s been fully focused on his art, relentless in pursuit of his sound, but always open in heart and mind to new ideas, possibilities and collaborations. He’s a truly kind person and an incredibly talented artist. All of that comes through in Srikala’s new song: heart and art in alignment, not just offering something to us, but creating something for us.

In an early bio, Srikala described himself as a “manifestor of joy.” I can testify to that, having witnessed firsthand the contagion of happiness he spreads and the lightness that brings to the many steps he’s taken/taking to advance his art. Mad deft with his production, completely attuned and dedicated to his vision, Srikala sings from experience, and reminds us that if we’re open to it, it all really is “Already Here.”

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