#musicmonday - Toumani & Sidiki Diabate / "Hamadoun Toure (El Buho edit)"

Artist/producer El Búho first flew onto our radar with his sublime debut EP, A Guide to the Birds of South America, in which he built lush, electronic atmospheres around actual bird calls. It’s a very cool idea, beautifully executed (for the record, our favorite is “Spix's Woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus Spixii)”).

Since then, the UK native (and, currently, Parisian) has made his name cutting remixes for some of South America’s of-the-moment artists (Quantic, Lulacruza, Chancha Via Circuito, etc) as well as releasing his own tracks through various avenues, including the artist-run collective, Shika Shika.

On his latest offering, he applies his immense skills to a gorgeous instrumental duet between Malian kora legend Toumani Diabate and his son, Sidiki. “Hamadoun Toure (El Búho Edit)” takes an achingly lovely piece, mixes in a little beat and brightness, and transforms it into a soothing, afrochill masterpiece.

Happy Monday.

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