#netgain — March 2018

We seek out, listen in, dig up, pull down and otherwise receive a lot of music here at Conduit HQ. It’s a sonic tsunami that simultaneously inundates and elevates us. A lot of it makes its way into mixes, DJ sets, radio shows, etc. The rest we may listen to on our own, with friends, or maybe never again.

While we don't really do rankings or popularity charts, we appreciate a good list every now and then, and thought it would be cool to start posting a monthly list of our favorite music received from the previous month.

It’s another way for Conduit to some great music that you may not come across otherwise, and remind ourselves of the scores, gems and finds that are hitting for us right now.

“Rules” (ha! there aren’t any):

•The list is ordered by the date we added it to our library (from beginning of month to the end).

•There's no set number of entries on this list; we’re just presenting what hit us in just the right way.

•As always, we adhere to the Mike Watt-ism: “the only thing new is you finding out about it.” We come across a lot of music from all eras in our journeys. Thus, this list is not limited to new releases.

•The list is not limited to songs only. It may be a full album, an artist or label, or something completely different.

OK, let’s give it a spin. Without further ado, Conduit presents to you our favorite stuff from March. We'll see you again with April's picks (already 140+ tracks and counting).

March 2018 (770 total tracks ingested)

Basher Toe // “Spireality Pt. 1 (feat Mama Loopa)”

Suno Deko // “Feel It More”

Dirtmusic // “The Border Crossing”

Spaniol // “Salão de Baile (feat Tuğçe Kurtiş)”

Cut Chemist // “Home Away From Home (feat. Laura Darlington)”

Sun Ra & His Arkestra // Sun Ra Exotica

Walter Martin // “I Went Alone On a Solo Australian Tour”

Yo La Tengo // “You Are Here”

Agrupacion Ilegal Los Imparciales // “Darker Shade of Black”

Glen Adams // “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2: Exotic Potpourri (compilation)

Leon Bridges // “River (kASPLATTY Remix)”

Nato // “Illusions (Megablast Uptempo Edit)”

Young Fathers // Cocoa Sugar

Zara McFarlane // “Peace Begins Within”

Yemanjo // La Epoca Dorada

Angelo Finaldi // “Flight 2”